Kylee Dawn – Calgary, AB


Kylee Dawn has a passion for the Inner Journey. Through trance dance, breath-work, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being.

Along her path, she has explored many modalities and mentors, which have empowered her to bring her own gifts to life.

Kylee Dawn has been facilitating ecstatic trance dance and breathwork since 2006, is one of the founders of Inner Journeys; a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator; a trained Trance Dance Facilitator; a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator, a Reiki Master, a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, the founder of Inshala Festival, and a Developmental Gymnastics Coach.



Corinne Cornish – Calgary, AB


As a spiritual teacher and wholistic therapist, Corinne Cornish guides those re-awakening to their expanding consciousness through one’s own inner pathways of self. She works with those who are being called to embody awareness, presence and harmony, ultimately inspiring self-realization.

Within Inner Journeys, Corinne brings her private practice to life as she offers exploration to travel inward into the inner depths of consciousness and awareness. Corinne is formally trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, reiki master, reconnective healing practitioner and has a bachelor of education.



Farren Assaly – Medicine Hat, AB


“My love is my breath, movement, and all the amazing things rhythm + alignment to my soul have to offer.

I naturally discovered the path to Inner Journey’s Ecstatic Dance by diving deeper into the expression of my sprit, which wanted to move more freely. I listened, and now I follow its deep calling to connect with life and my personal “medicine” through dance. I teach this work to inspire, and to empower others to embrace life and the magic it holds!

I have been facilitating with Inner Journey’s since 2014.”



Kaia Mitchell – Salt Spring Island, BC

Kaila“To me, dance is life. It is essence. It is the truth at my core. It is the language of my spirit and it is a language that all can understand, for it is one that we all share, when we are willing to surrender to it.

To speak the language of dance is to speak to the very essence of life itself. It is the energy that moves us, that animates us, that breathes in and out – that dreams and loves and creates.”

In 2007, Kaia set out on a journey to California to train with Leyolah Antara, the founder of Kundalini Dance. She followed a deep calling which brought her out to the west coast from the other side of the country… to dance.

What that exactly meant wasn’t clear until she stepped on the dance floor for her first ecstatic dance session. Suddenly it all made sense, the question was answered and plans were quickly created to dive into training. It was at this Kundalini Dance training that Kaia met Kylee Dawn and a deep bond and sisterhood was formed. The journey ever since has been profound, intense, beautiful and life changing. Life continues to unfold and reveal so many incredible layers. In 2012, she joined Inner Journeys with sister facilitator, Kylee Dawn. Together, they co-created the “Journey through the Elements Series” which became the base format for the Inner Journeys Facilitator training – level I.

In addition to being an Inner Journeys Dance Facilitator, Kaia is a certified Yoga Teacher, Tribal Fusion belly dancer/teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Aletheia Conscious Breathwork Facilitator. In fall of 2009, she was initiated into the advanced level of Sekhem, a channeled form of living light energy bodywork with roots from the high temples of Egypt. Her love of stones, crystals, chakras and aromatherapy can be found in her product line, Upala Botanicals. She is currently facilitating Inner Journeys Transformational Dance, DJing and teaching Fusion Temple Bellydance on Salt Spring Island, BC.



Jenna Jade – Lasqueti Island, BC


JennaJade finds the truth of stillness through dance. With movement, imagination, sound, and conscious breath she opens to her inner landscape, her heart and her spirit.
Beatfarmer is a dynamic tribal trance electronic music producer and DJ. He loves to be immersed in music and to share his sounds with dancers as they open through dance.
Together we weave our ideas, sounds, and energy into a facilitated dance experience. Using breath, sound and imagery we invite dancers into a moving meditation and an opening into their hearts, inner landscapes and a deepening into self.




Cedar Soulfeather – Salt Spring Island, BC


Cedar is passionate about guiding people into intentional dance spaces.  She holds the ground for inner transformation, connection, and celebration.  She believes that movement and sound are keys to experiencing the freedom of authentic expression and are ways to connect to one’s Self and the body’s innate wisdom.

Her love of body wisdom has led Cedar to become a Dance Temple Facilitator, Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, practitioner and teacher of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, Laughter Yoga Instructor, creator of a movement-inspired clothing line, and outdoor educator and enthusiast.