As a Reiki Master, Kylee Dawn welcomes you to enjoy this gentle and relaxing hands-on Energy session. These Reiki sessions utilize the Universal Life Force Energy to balance the Chakras (energy centres) and assist in creating peace in mind, body and spirit.

Within your session you will embark on a deeply relaxing journey as you lay on the massage table, let your ears soak into the sweet soundscapes carefully crafted for your journey, and receive the benefits of what this Reiki session has to offer you.

In your 90 minute sessions, Kylee adds in elements of the medicine drum, tibetan bowls, smudges, and vocals to harmonize with the energies of your session. Dive into the sweetness of Reiki and leave feeling inspired and uplifted.

  • 60 Minute Session – $80
  • 90 Minute Session – $100

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Traditional Usui Method Reiki Master Certification Program
Reiki is a gentle hands on healing technique, originating in Tibet. Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan, re-discovered this ancient healing modality in the late 1800’s. Reiki Masters Kylee Dawn and Jeana Dustan, share their lineage of Reiki in full weekend immersions.

Interested in receiving your certification? We offering Level I, II, III and Master Teacher Training.

1st Degree Level
During this 1st Degree Level Reiki workshop you will receive 4 attunements, learn the hand positions to bring the Reiki Energy into yourself, as well as the hand positions to share the Reiki with others. This Reiki class is received by each individual as a unique experience. It offers self healing techniques, a renewed positive outlook on life, and gives you the ability to share Reiki with friends and family.

This is a full weekend course.
Investment: $250 – includes handouts and certificate.
Contact Kylee Dawn for further details on upcoming trainings.

2nd Degree Level
In Japanese this Degree is called Oku Den.
Meaning, A more thorough exploration of the Self or Deeper Knowledge.

2nd Degree Reiki is the next step in the path of living a Conscious Life; aware of the Universal Life Force Energy. After being fully attuned to the 1st Degree, if you feel you have consciously become aware of this Energy, have gathered experience with Reiki, and would like to learn more to create a deeper knowing, then this 2nd Degree certification is available for you. A 2nd degree Reiki attunement increases the energy in the Chakras, sharpens intuition and imagery, and increases your Vibrational Frequency.

1st Degree and 2nd Degree traditionally are at least 3 weeks apart in order to fully experience the 21 day cleanse following the fourth attunement in Level I.

This is a full weekend course.
Investment: $300 – includes handouts and certificate.
Contact Kylee Dawn for further details on upcoming trainings.

3rd Degree and Master Teacher Level
More Details Coming Soon.