Ecstatic Dance Training

About Our Training

If you are passionate about Dance, diving into Embodiment, and Evolving this dance work with an inspiring collective team, we invite you to join us.

After touring this work throughout Western Canada for nearly 10 years, our growth has lead us to build a passionate team of skilled facilitators who are excited to work with local communities; sharing their facilitation skills with passion.

During this training you will receive:

  • Inner Journeys Foundations
  • Enhancement of Presence and Personal Embodiment
  • Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance Theory and Practical Facilitation Methodology
  • Music Mapping Skills
  • Class Facilitation and Marketing Techniques

In addition, this Facilitation Training will also incorporate:

  • Creating space to Holding space
  • Body awareness
  • Mindful movement
  • Breathwork
  • Sound healing
  • Meditation

*This training offers you deep personal tools, as well as wisdom to share with your friends, community and beyond*

Join Kylee Dawn and Corinne Cornish, founders of Inner Journeys, as they share their gifts throughout this training. It is their passion and dedication to create an environment where those who are called to go within.

Our next training begins October 2018.

*Prerequisite: Two years of active dance/movement practice and personal Self development

contact Kylee Dawn for further details on upcoming trainings